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The growth of science and technology has been exponential during the last century. With the expansion we have witnessed in the last decade, there has been a very substantial growth in the IT industry, be it technology or education. The internet and the World Wide Web, which are profoundly reshaping the way that we communicate, learn, and engage in commerce, have started a race of technological advancement and innovative processes in our businesses.

This also brought about changes in our customers needs and as a result we strive to stay ahead of the game in this rapidly changing market. Apamex is a total 'end to end' service provider, providing both engineering and maintenance services. We are a tool to help ease you through this difficult transition.

For any business it's important to instill confidence in its customer base, establish a respectable image and ensure they remain long standing customers. These are essential issues for every company to focus on. Whatever business you may be in, we may be the solution to your problems. Please take a few minutes to browse through our website to learn more about the company and the services we have offer.

What's New

  2004/09/15 - Apamex to promote Management Education and End to End Career solution.
  2003/07/01 - Apamex participated in SODEC (Tokyo).

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